''Safe Conduct Pass'' to Hippie-Land. Anonymous.

''Safe Conduct Pass'' to Hippie-Land.

n.p.: Privately published, ca. 1967.

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Issued by the hippies in the Haight-Ashbury during the "Summer of Love." Handed out to straight people and tourists to provide them with "safe passage " through the hippie populated streets of the Haight-Ashbury and elsewhere. "Housewives...students...parents...athletes...doctors...squares...Indian chiefs...policemen...Have you heard of all those wild rumors of sex-crazed women, pot, easy money, community & love among the hippies? What if they're true? Don't waste any time. (If they're not true you can always go back to your dull job, boring wife, annoying kids, TV dinners, TV (ugh) & the police force.) This is a safe conduct pass to Hippie-Land. Hand this to the first friendly looking, long-haired boy or girl (it doesn't matter if you can't tell them apart. We'll teach you.) you meet. This is the first day of the rest of your life. Peace, Music, Love, Revolution, Joy." One of the rarest pieces of Haight-Ashbury ephemera, and very much evocative of the era. This is the more elaborate of the two different Safe Conduct Passes issued anonymously during the Summer of Love. Nicely printed with text in black on pale blue stock featuring an illustration of a joyously dancing couple printed in red. Slight toning to top edge, else fine (6" x 5.5"). Rare. Only the second copy we've handled in 30 years.

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