LSD: Battle for the Mind. Willard CANTELON.

LSD: Battle for the Mind.

Glendale, CA: Supreme Recordings, ca. 1966.

Item #SKB-806

LP record. Evangelist Willard Cantelon should be given credit for conceding that God can be reached through LSD, though he suggests religion as a more reliable way, not fraught with the perils of a possible "freak-out." However, the real virtue of this album is the outrageously exploitative cover which feaures a photograph of a man with bulging eyes in whose outstretched hand is an LSD sugar cube. Superimposed in the foreground is a distorted, screaming skull, and at the top in huge, pseudo-3-D letters "LSD," with everything bathed in a murky greenish-red light. Must be seen to be fully appreciated. Record near mint, jacket very good with a 3-inch split to top edge, 1-inch split to bottom, minor corner wear---presents very nicely overall. The cover features one of the best works of exploitation art to ever appear on a book or record cover. Rare.

Price: $150.00

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