LSD Trip Kit for Couples. Timothy LEARY, Albert HOFMANN.
LSD Trip Kit for Couples.

LSD Trip Kit for Couples.

No place: no publisher, no date [ca. 1967].

Item #SKB-17244

Printed cardboard box featuring a cover illustration of a couple floating in outer space with the Earth in the background. The aesthetic of the graphic design is a blend of early '60s "Bewitched," "I Dream of Jeannie," and "The Jetsons," as exemplified by the way the couple, especially the woman, is dressed. She's stylish and sexy rather than hippie-like---wearing high heels and holding a champagne glass and an alligator briefcase as she drifts through the cosmos!---suggesting this item was targeted toward swingers rather than hippies. The outline of a woman's face on the cover has the slogan "Better Living Through Chemistry!" coming from its lips, with "LSD" in the top left corner, and "for a trip out of this world...." in the bottom right. The box contains 4 items that are affixed inside: a "trip-stick," a "Loving cup," a "Sugar cube," and a "Dream pill," which, if you take the first letter of the last three items, spells LSD. The "directions" are printed beneath: "Mix ingredients into loving cup---stir carefully with trip-stick. Offer a sip to member of opposite sex---decide where to go, pack a couple of suitcases, get in your car and take off!" This kit is a mystery----there is no manufacturer's info---an indication that this was likely a low-budget production done in small numbers with modest distribution. Our guess is that some "straight" adult novelty company appropriated and exploited the LSD phenomenon when it started to saturate into mainstream culture. Possibly only available through the mail, certainly not a head shop item intended for hippie consumption, but rather something likely advertised in men's magazines or adult toy stores. We have never seen or heard of this unusual LSD-related item in the course of 33 years of specializing in counterculture material. There is a poster for an LSD-themed board game, and an LSD construction kit of cards known to exist, but this trip kit explicitly suggesting that couples try sex on LSD occupies a ridiculously cool niche of its own. Two corners of the lid are split, some overall wear, and some dampstaining to the bottom of the box that has caused some discoloration inside, the "dream pill" is loose in the box but could be easily attached---still entirely presentable and impossibly rare, perhaps the only copy extant (6.25" x 7" x 1.25").

Price: $2,000.00

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