Afghan Anti-Poppy Harvesting Sticker. Anonymous.

Afghan Anti-Poppy Harvesting Sticker.

Kabul: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, [ca. 2004].

Item #SKB-17241

Printed, peel-off sticker measuring almost 6" in diameter, text in Dari. Issued by the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan a few years after the American invasion in 2001. Produced in accordance with aggressive US-backed eradication efforts, this sticker features a dynamic graphic design printed in several colors showing an opium poppy with the country and it's people clutched in its grip, dramatizing the enormous power that poppy cultivation exerted on their country. A sensational and accomplished design for this piece of anti-drug propaganda. The Islamic Republic that produced this sticker failed to accomplish their mission since Afghanistan is still reliant on production of the poppy. Very good. Rare.

Price: $300.00

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