Handbill issued by Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers (a.k.a the Motherfuckers) printing a scathing attack on politics and politicians.

NY: The Motherfuckers, 1968.

Item #SKB-16733

4to. "We Don't Give A Goddamn If Johnson Lives Or Dies. If Kennedy Is Or Isn't. We Have Nothing To Do With Them Or Their Politics Except As Objects To Be Destroyed. They Are Cowboys and Yankees. We Are Indians (And This Time We Win). Celebrate The End Of Politics And The Beginning of Revolution---The End Of Death/The Beginning of Life." The reference to cowboys and yankees stems from a debate at an SDS national convention where one group argued that American capitalism was split between a Yankee (East Coast establishment) faction and a Cowboy (Texan establishment) faction and that SDS should view the Yankees as potential allies. Ben Morea responded: "This is all bullshit, I don't know about you guys, we're not the Yankees or the Cowboys---we're the Indians!" An important and particularly incendiary communique from this activist collective from New York's Lower East Side and direct action group that inspired the Yippies and the Weather Underground. The handbill is signed "Up Against the Wall Motherfucker" rather than the more usual abbreviation "UAW/MF" and gives their East 10th Street address and the time of a meeting scheduled there. Old creases where previously folded in eighths, thin line of smudging from mimeo process, but a thoroughly presentable copy of one of their scarcest handbills.

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