My Education: A Book of Dreams. William S. BURROUGHS, Timothy LEARY.

My Education: A Book of Dreams.

[NY]: Viking, [1995].

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Hardbound in dust jacket. First edition. Important presentation copy warmly inscribed by Burroughs to his long-time friend, fellow drug researcher, and counterculture hero, Timothy Leary: "for Tim Leary, who contributed to my education more much more than I realized at the time. We are here to learn! What more can I say? William S. Burroughs July 22, 1995." In the '50s Burroughs experimented with marijuana, speed, opium, peyote, and heroin, for which he famously developed a habit that served as the basis for his first book, Junkie: Confessions of An Unredeemed Drug Addict. He also traveled to the jungles of South America to find yage, the legendary hallucinogen of the Amazon. So it was logical that when Leary was at Harvard in 1961 with a large stash of legal psilocybin Burroughs was among the first people that he wanted to share his experiences with. Leary traveled to Tangier and administered the pills to Burroughs, inviting him to come to Harvard to participate in, and write about, his experiments there. Turns out that Burroughs did not have an affinity for psilocybin (likely what he was referring to in the "much more than I realized at the time" part of the inscription) so it proved to be a rocky start of what turned out to be a lifelong friendship of mutual respect and admiration. A monumental association copy linking arguably the two preeminent writers on drug experience in the modern era. Both were present for the earliest days of the Psychedelic Revolution, and they had in common the desire to widen the area of consciousness and challenge the prevailing paradigm. Their writings and thinking had an immense effect on the '60s counterculture and continues to be relevant today. The words "no context" written on the f.f.e. in an unknown hand, else fine.

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