Item #SKB-16313 Suck: First European Sexpaper, Nos. 1 through 8 (all published). Germaine GREER, William, LEVY, William, BURROUGHS, William LAPIDES.

Suck: First European Sexpaper, Nos. 1 through 8 (all published).

Amsterdam: Joy Publications, 1969-1974.

Item #SKB-16313

Tabloid format, early issues on newsprint, later issues on coated stock. Suck was founded in Amsterdam in 1969 by Bill Levy, Germaine Greer, Heathcote Williams and others. It was among the most important underground newspapers of the period, not only because of its enlightened stance on all aspects of sexuality, but it was also an intersection point for the Sexual Revolution and the hippie subculture. Devoted to free sex, the erotic, and the exploration of uninhibited sexuality, Suck featured explicit comic art, photographs, and interesting graphics, often printed in different colored inks, with many issues featuring centerfold posters. The topics ranged from those considered tame by current standards to others that are even more taboo today. Contributors include Germaine Greer, William Burroughs, W. H. Auden, Michael McClure, Maurice Girodias, Valerie Solanas, Bill Levy, Guillaume Apollinaire, Mel Clay, et al. A lovely set with minor edge wear and a few specks of foxing to No. 1, but the other issues are near fine or better. Present in No. 5 are the two loosely inserted sheets, usually lacking, that were intended to be cut up and made into a sex-themed comic book. Overall as nice a set as one could reasonably hope for. An influential publication that while very much redolent of the period, is entirely relevant today, anticipating by 40 years society's current shift toward a more tolerant view of sexuality. Complete sets, in nice condition, are scarce.

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