Item #SKB-15069 Love-In, Vol. 2, No. 4, ca. 1967. The.

Love-In, Vol. 2, No. 4, ca. 1967.

[Burbank: Seven Seventy Publishers, ca. 1967].

Item #SKB-15069

One of the more extravagant hippie sleeze exploitation magazines (despite the misleading cover shot from a splatter film). Plenty of photos of naked cavorting hippies and other "way out nuts, kooks, goons, and flower people," with sections on "Haight-Ashbury Hippie Heaven," "The Swingers," "Incredible Swap Clubs," "Going to Pot," "The Wild Angels," and more. Ridiculous photos with supplementary texts---nice layout---and sensational blurbs such as: "Beer, pot and scantie swimwear stir up passions...wienie bake, anybody? Pass the mustard and LSD!!," and "Way out kicks that make the 'Last Days of Pompeii' look like a school picnic!" Fine (tiny rubber stamp to front cover, remainder line to top edge). Scarce.

Price: $250.00

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