Established in 1988, Skyline Books specializes in Avant-garde art movements, modern literature, photography, the Beat Generation, '60s Counterculture, psychedelia, Pop Culture, and more.

We offer a fine selection of rare books and other material by Banksy, Cormac McCarthy, Richard Brautigan, Charles Bukowski, Vito Acconci, Bruce Nauman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jess Collins, Bob Dylan, Gregory Corso, Paul Auster, Todd Hido, Jack Kerouac, Ed Ruscha, Kenneth Patchen, Richard Prince, Angus MacLise, Hunter S. Thompson, Bruce Weber, William S. Burroughs, Michael Kenna, Gary Snyder, Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, Marcel Duchamp, Lee Friedlander, Haruki Murakami, Piero Heliczer, Timothy Leary, Peter Beard, Ira Cohen, Dave Eggers, Joel-Peter Witkin, Gordon Wasson, Wallace Berman, Joe Brainard, Jack Smith, Jim Carroll, Edward Gorey, Bruce Conner, Don DeLillo, Yoko Ono, Robert Frank, Keith Haring, Ian Rankin, and Brion Gysin, among many others.


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